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Since 30 years only the best from all over the world for medical innovation.
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Since 30 years and more, VEDISE Hospital is committed to health, well-being and quality of life.
We offer products and services able to improve quality of life among patients and their families.
For so that reason we deliver to Italy only the most efficient medical devices: we distrubute the latest technologies developed in the International Healthcare Market.
Today our customers, manufacturers phisicians and patients, can identify Vedise  as highly reliable ethical and professional partner.

Our asset


We promote and deliver products directly to physicians and their technical staff, providing H24 clinical consultancy and technical support on site. Our staff is made by direct agents who work closely with both  specialists , end-users and administrators, among Public Hospitals and Private Clinics.

Actually we are distributing medical devices in

We strongly believe that our success is related to our “credo” and our effective marketing and sales strategies.

If you want to get in touch with us and to know the best strategy to promote a medical device in Italy, please contact us and become a Partner


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